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    Thumbs up Update on my reseller hosting account -- thumbs up to!

    I just wanted to post an update to some posts I made in Jan 05. I was annoyed with my hosting company at that time and was trying to find a new hosting company (I'm a web designer offering web hosting for my clients).

    I wanted to offer my experience in hope of helping someone in a similar situation.

    I tried AIT for two weeks. Please don't do the same -- I cancelled after two weeks of a "no risk" trial and was charged not only the first month, but a second month. I finally had to call my credit card company to put a stop to the charges. They are still threatening me with ruining my credit if I don't pay them for those two months (even though I have it in writing that I cancelled after only two weeks!) I can't even get ahold of them on the phone - after about a 20 minute wait I get sent to a voicemail system. A long story...enough said. Hopefully my situation is not the norm there.

    I then found I cannot recommend them highly enough. I've had the service about six months now and am extremely satisfied. Within seconds of posting a support inquiry, I have a response. The first couple of times I saw I had a response, it was literally so fast that I at first assumed it was an auto-response. (I have never waited more than an hour for email support (and that was in the middle of the night!). I've also had no problems with uptime. They're friendly and courteous and their servers have been great. Their prices are very reasonable as well.

    Hope this helps someone in their decision-making!

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    Glad to hear that you had a good 6 months with your current host. And hope this will continue for good

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