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Thread: EFT processor?

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    EFT processor?

    Quick question guys. My business is going to be sending payments to various clients on a recurring basis via EFT (from our bank account to theirs). Does anyone know any processor that can do these transactions? Any help would be appreciated!



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    Hey thanks for the reply. We're in the Northeast US. We don't want to incure that huge cut that PayPal takes. We've heard that EFT transactions can cost as little as $.08 or $.05 per transaction, that is more like what we are looking for. Any ideas?



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    iKobo is a big reputed company
    Stormpay is also a good processor
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    The cost will be directly related to the risk involved in the transactions. As long as its nothing too crazy, your local bank or any number of providers on the internet should be able to provide EFT at the prices you are looking for, or maybe a bit more ($0.25 - $0.35).
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