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    ridiculously high server loads

    just a few minutes ago my server nearly crashed, due to server loads being around 40-60, and peaking at around 134. this isn't the first time it's happened, and it seems /scripts/upcp has been causing this ridiculous load on the server. so i've changed the cpanel update settings to all manual, and looked for the cron jobs for this task but i can't find them.

    has anyone else had 'upcp' cause this problem? and does anyone know where the cpanel cron files are located (i've checked all the /etc/cron* files)?


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    Don't know what exactly is causing high loads on your server, but let me tell you I've seen loads of 860+ on a server... if you say 134 is "ridiculous" I can't imagine what would you say in that case...

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    thats the scheduled CPanel update, and yes it can really hog your disk if it wants to, hence the high load. Try manually running it when things are quiet, but as for any resources it uses up, i doubt there is much that can be done, just try to minise its effects on anything else
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