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    Tracking "nobody" e-mails

    I have tried to use phpsuexec on a server running rhe and cpanel. All seemed to be fine but it did break one client site and my Modernbill system. Is there any alternative to tracking e-mails sent from php scripts or such?
    Thanks, Kevin

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    If you are using cpanel/whm, login to whm, click on tweak settings and enable the following option:

    Track the origin of messages sent though the mail server by adding the X-Source headers (exim 4.34+ required)

    Also make sure u r using the latest exim, if not update it using the script in /scripts/exim4 or eximup


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    you may use also php mail header patch. it is may be a more precise.
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    I suggest just fixing whatever site it broke. You can see what the problem is by looking at /usr/local/apache/logs/suexec_log

    You can also attempt to auto fix them by running /scripts/fixsuexeccgiscripts
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