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    RSS feeds - Do I need dedicated?

    I am planning for a RSS service where users will be able to create custom feeds with content pulled from a mySQL database.

    I have heard RSS feeds eat up a lot of bandwith... Do I need a dedicated server?

    PS Is there a way to reduce bandwith with RSS?
    PPS I am still looking for the programmer to work on this project so if you are a coder and are knowledgeable with php, mySQL and RSS, PM or email me at myleena [at]

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    RSS feeds dont consume bandwidth. They are plain text files as html files, except for their content.

    You dont need a dedicated server to produce rss feeds. I have site that pulls over 1000 rss feeds ever 15 minutes, parses them, stores them into a mysql db. this mysql db is also frequently used for outputting the feeds too. This doesnt even take a .10 cpu

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