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    10 bucks if you can find and fix my cross-browser bug

    Well topic says it all, site works perfectly in firefox and opera, but isnt working on IE. It worked fine in the last host it was on, but cant figure out whats gone wrong since. Im pretty sure it has to do with table problems and it also have some java script errors.

    so heres the site

    check it out in IE and you'll see what I mean.

    If u can find the prob and fix it, shoot me a PM

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    Some people seem to not see the table errors on the link i provided, Check out and you should be able to see the expended right side, It should be flush on even on both sides.

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    error found, thanks for reading tho

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    I don't like how the black appears after the mouseover, just my opinion.

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    lol thats an error were having, going to have that fixed, if you view it in firefox it actually yellow when you mouseover. and goes back to its original state when you mouseoff

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