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    Has it been a year already????

    It's hard to believe that it has been a whole year since I started this thread.

    Anyhow, it has been an educational year for me in the hosting arena. I figured it would be of interest to come back here and let you know how it went...

    - I chose as my provider. There was no mistake in doing so. colo4dallas has not just lived up to my expectations... they have exceeded them in many ways. I have not a single complaint nor regret about chosing them as a provider. I didn't have to spend $10,000 my first year in mistakes as someone else here did but I won't mention names, OK X?

    - I still stand behind my statement that for North America, Dallas pings are better as an average but there is truth in the fact that if you want people to join your game servers they should probably be located closer to Chicago or Michigan.

    - This is how much bandwidth a 24 player (full almost 70% of the time) Q3 engine (Enemy Territory) uses in bandwidth (incl TeamSpeak using codec speex9.3, and website) per month...
    At the time of this posting it is is the day graph showing current...(Daily graph)
    And since I am at it.. here is the weekly graph...

    - The $1700 server that I built (4U Dual Xeon 3.06 server with the Raptor HD's (10,000rpm Raid0) and gig of ram) has served us well. I am running 6 different games (including BF2), IIS, MySQL, an FTP program, and other things). Only the ET server gets much activity though and we average about 15-20% CPU usage. When BF2 gets around 32 players the CPU usage gets to about 45% (with the ET server full as well).
    We are only using about 400megs of memory on average.
    For the 10Mbps connection we are on, the server is well suited for it. The server and 10Mbps connection seem to be a good match for gaming.
    The only draw back is that the server/connection can easily use up the allowed 1000gigs per month that we are allowed. Seems the hosting companies are trying to force 'more servers' as opposed to making the bandwidth usage contracts more scaleable.

    - After all this time, I do not fully understand the 95th percentile. I know HOW they do it, but not why. I will probably never go with a host that uses that as their rating method. It seems to me that you can have 1 busy week and a dead server for 3 weeks and still end up as showing you had a lot of activity for the entire month because of that 1 week.

    - Am now looking for a host closer to the east coast. The prices seem outrageuos compared to what I am paying currently. Too bad Colo4Dallas doesn't have 'Colo4Chicago'. :-)

    Anyhow... see ya next July. :-)

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    Good to see you are doing well. Congrats to you

    I didn't have to spend $10,000 my first year in mistakes as someone else here did but I won't mention names, OK X?
    You only colo'd one machine.. Start sending racks around the country and the "mistakes" can get costly real quick if you find yourself with a 'dud' provider or Verio sells out to Cogent.. Either way it can get expensive..

    Keep us posted though, It is nice to see someone doing well for a change

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    Yup. Only Colo'd one box. Had I colo'd an entire rack I probably would have sold it already.

    Nice to see you're still lingering here.

    If it weren't for this forum, I do not think I would have done as well.

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