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    need advice on mysql server

    Hello All,

    I need some of your advice on a dedictaed mysql server.
    My project need a big mysql, around 10G of size.
    I got an offer for dedicated mysql server:
    Celeron 1.7GHz / 256MB DDR333 RAM / 30GB HardDrive US$99

    what do you think of that ?

    Hope for your advice.



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    Depending on the usage of the server, a Celeron 1.7 GHz may be fine for your needs.

    But, you DEFINITELY need more RAM, assuming you're going to do enough database access such that you needed a dedicated database server in the first place.

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    Yes, I would also say you would need more ram! Other specs look fine. You could possibly get a better system for around the same costs!

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    I recomend 512MB of RAM as minimum for mySQL, if you have a large number of transacctions 1GB will be better.


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