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    Thumbs down NEVER AGAIN

    I want to warn all users considering THis is a horrible hosting company for several reasons.

    First of all, I have had down time 3 TIMES in the past few weeks. They claimed they had to refresh the server. My site is also very slow on their end. I am the ONLY user going on my site- it has no traffic yet, but they claim I'm using 64 MB of bandwidth!!!!! Their servers must be pretty messed.

    Also, for a company that size, you would think they have dedicated professionals. The people working there are complete nitwits, who are rarely of any use.

    I am switching to Albanian Venture Tech, who offer a 100% uptime and also are rated high among consumers.

    Do not host with registerfly. It is a huge mistake.

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    I have hundred of my domains registered with registerfly and are very positive about their service, although I don't host with them.
    Compare the speed of your web host with 2,000+ (!) other submitted web hosts

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    Yea hostingspeeds, that's the problem. If you had their hosting it would be a mess. I also have a domain registered with them, no complaint there. There just horrid hosts.

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    Sorry to hear it, I will stay away from their hosting.

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    I am switching to Albanian Venture Tech, who offer a 100% uptime and also are rated high among consumers.
    The terms of their uptime guarantee are similar to the terms of most 99.9% uptime guarantees. I see nothing special.

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    This certainly doesn't help the growing stereotype that domain registrars cannot make it in the hosting business.
    Because packets were meant to be delivered.
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    I think domain registrars should focus on hosting parking pages rather than full sites.. it would do a world of good.

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    Yea I've heard some horror stories from them. Needless to say I have never used their service...

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    haha tell me about horror stories! i browsed the forums and read quite a few horror stories myself. i warned them id never give them a dime of my money again, but last nite my site was down for about 6 hours, so thats the last straw they can kiss my business goodbye

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    I have 5 domains (I think..) with Registerfly and I haven't ever had a problem (except the site is slow, and before they changed it it was even slower) with their domain service, although I never have hosted with them. I hosted with a domain registrar in an all-in-one service kind of thing with them and it was terrible. That was about... five years ago.

    I agree with the thought that domain registrars should be focused purely on that one task and not on web hosting, where they can't dedicate themselves fully to, as the millions of web hosting "companies" must do (including kiddie hosts).

    Good luck with your next host, I hope you have an extremely better experience with them!!
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