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    Which is best for me

    for a few weeks now i have been selling dedicated servers/gameservers, and reseller/shared hosting

    now the time has come to get alittle more proffesionall and were looking for something like clientexec that will enabe us to manage all the billing/support/ and help make life laittle easyer

    so far all we have found is modernbill and clientexec that fit our needs, but is there anything else

    were not looking to spend to much money on this, hence why we were looking at clientexec

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    clientexec- Is good but lacks the features of modernbill.
    You pay for what you get, MB is just alot better. If your not looking to spend much your probaly best to just use clientexec.
    All the best with your venture.

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    from what ive read so far modernbill isnt all that greats thats the only reason its been ruled out for the moment, as for pricing were just looking for something to help us move alittle faster once we are fully up im sure we will up all our software

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    There's not much you can't do with a ModernBill/eSupport combo. If clientexec fits your needs however, I see no reason not to use it.
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    can anyone get on the client exec website??

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    Try Lpanel, it has many useful features!

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    You may want to consider vHCM from

    Its a new product we launched this week. It may be just what your looking for as we created it to be an alternative to clientexec/MB.

    Get more details about the product and grand opening promo @

    Or at our website where you can get more info and view a demo.

    If you have any questions, just let me know.

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