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    Exclamation [FOR SALE]

    Exquisite Hosting has been in business roughly a year and five months. Great startup company for someone looking to get into the business, everything setup and in running order. Breakdown of client's join date, current plan, next due date, payment information, etc can be private messaged upon request to serious buyers. Only looking for buyers willing to pay in full.

    What’s Included:
    - 33 Clients (6 Resellers)
    - Professional website design with flash (.psd's, banners of all sizes, flash intro, advertisement flash banners, custom fav.icon)
    - & .net (godaddy registered) (Both expire Feb. 16 2006)
    - Aim Name: ExquisiteHelp
    - Professional paper flyer ready to go for local or fax

    - Prefer you have your own server to transfer to but if you'd like to take over server payment I'll be glad to supply detailed information about the current server setup and payment in details upon request. (Quick server info: 120GB IDE for storage, 73GB SCSI for backup, DV2 (Atlanta, GA) Data Center)
    - Currently setup on Unix/Linux with Cpanel/WHM/Fantastico
    - WHM Autopilot as billing management
    - 2checkout as merchant biller
    - Approx. 149Gb of monthly bandwidth transfer
    - Recurring Income Summary:
    30-Day Records: 15 ($138.25USD)
    90-Day Records: 3 ($125.55USD)
    180-Day Records: 2 ($107.40USD)
    360-Day Records: 13 ($505.60USD)
    Est. Annual Income ($2881.60 USD)
    - Only 4 IP's currently in use (No additional IP's sold to clients)
    1 - Server
    1 - Website
    2 - DNS (ns1, ns2)
    (7 Free IP's *if* server payment is taken over)
    - Currently no SSL Certificates sold
    - No clients with SSH access thus far

    Contact Information:
    - E-mail: [email protected]
    - Phone: Upon request with serious buyers
    - PM's will be checked daily

    *Please direct all further questions to one of the contact methods*

    Aaron Booth
    Owner of Exquisite Hosting

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    Still accepting offers, interested buyers feel free to contact me.

    FAQ's I've been receiving a lot that should be cleared up:

    Q: How do your clients pay?
    A: All pay by credit card thru 2checkout.

    Q: Does the 2checkout account come with the purchase?
    A: Yes.

    Thank you,
    Aaron Booth
    Owner of Exquisite Hosting

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    Do you have any kind of asking price?

    FXH, Inc :: Web Hosting, Web Design, rsync and R1Soft Backup Solutions, and more!

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    After reviewing all of the offers, the highest bid paid in full is $1750.

    I'm looking to close a deal with an interested buyer before August 3rd, reason being is I'd like to include a special deal. The special deal is a month of server payment, that is $249 included with the already above stated.

    That covers the server from Aug. 3rd thru Sept. 3rd. This being said I'm setting the Buy It Now price (BIN) to $2000 (that includes the $249 payment for one month of server). Looking to close this deal before this month ends.

    Server Spec's included below:

    Intel Dual Xeon 2.4 GHz with Hyperthreading
    2,000 GIG Bandwidth (Approx. 145GB Monthly currently being used)
    1 GIG ECC Registered Memory
    1 - 73 GIG SCSI Hard Drive (for backup)
    1 - 120 GIG IDE Hard Drive (for storage) (only 4.5GB Currently being used)
    11 Usuable IP Addresses (4 of which are being used)
    DV2 (Atlanta, GA) Data Center
    OC3C Backbone Server
    100Mbps Speed Port
    Remote Reboot Port
    WHM/CPanel License included
    Fantastico License included FREE ($70 Value)
    RVSkin License included FREE ($99 Value)
    URCHIN License included FREE ($695 Value) (unlimited profiles)
    Operating System is Linux
    Apache version 1.3.33 (Unix)
    24x7x365 Fully Managed and Monitored Dedicated Server
    This is supplied thru FREE with dedicated server
    Technical Support available via Toll-FREE Phone, AOL Instant Messenger, E-Mail

    Aaron Booth
    Exquisite Hosting

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    Is there any reason for selling?

    FXH, Inc :: Web Hosting, Web Design, rsync and R1Soft Backup Solutions, and more!

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