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    How to deal with RBLs?

    Someone placed a SPAM complaint to MAPS ( about a SPAM server on the same class C as my server is on. MAPS placed a blanket /24 block which abviously affects my server (aaaargghhh!!!).

    I have contacted MAPS and asked them to either whitelist my IPs or remove /24 block. One of their "investigators" gave me a canned answer that I have to contact my ISP to resolve that issue. He did not even read the email I sent him! I have responded that I am the ISP, but have not received anything back. Meanwhile emails of my users bounce...

    I must admit it is the first time for me Anyone has any experience with dealing with this kind of issue?

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    Try again explaining the situation in a nice way. Basically there isn't much choice for us as ISP or providers but to keep trying until they respond.

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    MAPS must have had its reasons to block an entire /24. Probably because there is a hard time spammer in that range (plus a non responsive ISP). Contact your (colo-)provider, or whoever gave you the IP address(es) and let them boot the spammer off the network.
    Then explain to MAPS that the issue has been resolved.

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    haha good one

    maps, like sorbs, dont seem to discriminate between 'good people' and 'bad people' and believe that putting a blanket ban on a /24 will actually work

    at least maps have a phone number - it took an effort but we eventually got around 120 /24 + /20's removed.

    they're in california iirc and only keep daylight hours their localtime

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