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    VPS performance (UML)

    Using the unix benchmark above in a server

    if we say that the host server has 100% performance
    lets say score about 120

    if we run a single VPS and run the unix benchmark what we can get ? (inside the VPS benchmark)?

    What score can get the VPS ?

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    uptime of your VPS will depend on how much memory you use. You get 256 MB or 512 MB memory on a VPS. If you have busy forums or some scripts which use more memory then your VPS will have problems.

    Uptime of your VPS will completely depend on how you use its memory.

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    It depends on the technology used, some will have a larger overhead vs. others. A vps on Xen technology will normally score at least 95% of what the host scores (on the condition no other vps's are using up cpu/disk IO). UML ussually doesn't perform so well, in most benchmarks I've done it scored around 60-70% of what the host did. Of course this doesn't really reflect real world uses as this is scores when nothing else is using the cpu or other resources.

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    The uml's best score is with skas mode ?

    is there any results with skas and without skas mode ?

    how much diferense can this mode make ?

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    UML is dreadful CPU wise, you'll find in a hosting environment it does perform reasonably well, however when running a benchmark I'd expect a result of around 50%, obviously this is divided with the number of VE's you operate.

    The SKAS patch does help performance slightly.

    etechsupport2, what you're saying really has nothing to do with the subject of the post ...


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