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    [HIRING] Two Positions, Please Read.

    White Light Revolution is now hiring. We are making an effort to expand our web design capabilities by adding two new positions to our crew.

    Until recently, White Light Revolution was (and still is) made up of the following departments/crew's:

    :irector Of Operations/C.E.O::

    (Alex Microson)

    :irector Of Employment::

    (Andrew Mcguigan)



    Web Design Department:

    (Alex Microson)

    ::Main Designer, first portion::

    (Alex Microson)

    :econdary Designer, second portion::


    Hosting Department

    ::Boss, Billing Support::

    (Alex Microson)

    :ales Assistants::

    (Keelan Brailsford)


    (Jim Emerson)
    (Alex Microson)
    (Justin Elnicky)

    (Includes Domain Department)

    Graphic Design (Logo's, etc.) Department

    :aper Artist::

    (Alex Microson)

    :pecial Meaning::

    (Alex Microson and Alexander)

    ::Finished Product:

    (Alex Microson)

    There are many more department's at White Light Revolution, but those are the most dominate. We are looking to add the following sub categories to the web design department:

    - 3d Modeller, 3D Artist
    - Text Designer

    Now we will go through these positions details one by one.

    3D Modeller, 3D ARTIST.

    The 3d modeller should possess sufficient skills in the 3d modelling program of their choice to make web-worthy 3d pictures such as a full boombox or stereo. If you have the skill, no prior experience neccesary.

    Text Designer

    The Text Designer should be able to come up with unique, engaging fonts in truetype, as well as be able to add font effects to fonts on PS. No Prior Experience Neccesary.

    How to apply:

    Email ceo [at] liquid-sundesigns [dot] net (SPAM PROOF) with the following information, as the director of employment is on sick leave.

    - NAME (can be an alias)
    - EMAIL (personal address)
    - RESUME (if any)
    - Samples of work
    - (IF 3D Modeller) model of a boombox (can be a rough drawing)
    - Salary Requirement

    NOTE: This position is NOT on-location, you will be working from your home. You will be trained in White Light Revolution procedures (namely the away list) if accepted.


    We can offer three forms of payment.

    Pay-Per Project (Recommended)
    SMALL salary monthly ($20-30)

    Most projects you will be working on range from $500-$1000, Pay-Per Project is recommended.

    EXTRA NOTES: If you are excepted into the White Light Crew, you will be trained in the away list, and other, and you will meet the entire white light crew. Please provide an MSN or YIM (if available) name that we can instant message to.


    - 20% OFF on ANY web design or hosting package
    - 50% OFF on ANY White Light Revolution Software
    - A FREE staff newsletter every month
    - Access to The Lounge.

    Other ways of sending:

    Post the information needed in a post below.

    We hope to pick these positions within the week.

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