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    Dreamhost - Good Customer Service!

    About 2 months ago I took advantage of an offer by Dreamhost to try out their hosting service. I signed up, prepaid 1 year, and uploaded 3 of my websites to the server.

    Two months passed and I had no complaints, nor problems, with the service. However, I had various websites with 5 different hosts. In a bit of "cleaning up" I decided to move all of my sites to 2 hosts. Since I only had 3 sites on Dreamhost I combined them into another of my existing hosting plans with another provider.

    It was not until after I had removed everything from Dreamhost's servers that I realized they had a "97 Day money back guarantee". I had only been with them for about 60 days so I sent a note to their billing people... Explaining that I had no problems, just decided to move on. Since I had no problems, I wasn't "demanding" any type of refund, simply inquiring.

    Received a response back from Dreamhost within a few hours telling me that my credit card had already been refunded (and it was posted the following day).

    Although I am not currently using Dreamhost, I wont hesitate recommending them, or using them again myself in the future. But in fairness to them, I'll make sure I plan to be with them for the full term next time.

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    People are going to get suspicious of us dream host fans.

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    Well, I have done my own research which shows DreamHost has an excellent customer satisfaction record. Based on that, I signed up with them last year; and I have had no problems. They have always replied to my support tickets within a few hours.
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    People are going to get suspicious of us dream host fans.
    You were still a customer, that's why I asked you for a domain. I'm not particularly suspicious when it comes to Dremhost "fans".

    It's nice to see that DH really sticks to the moneyback guarantee and doesn't cringe when it comes to refunding.

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