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    Advertise on busy site - a.l.a. $5/month unlimited views

    Our website ( has a few spots open for advertising. We are going to drop the Google Adsense program and replace it with actual rotation banners and we are going to do it cheap.

    Here are the prices for advertising on the site. All packages include unlimited ad views for the month, statistics for each month provided to you via email, and "price lock" for as long as you advertise with us. If our cost to new advertisers go up, yours stays the same:

    Top/Bottom rotation: For $12 a month we will put you in rotation on both the top of every page and the bottom of every page with a 468x60 banner ad. We are limiting this to 5 spots. (flash, jpg, gif banners all ok)

    Front Page side graphic rotation: For only $10 a month you get a 120x600 tower ad spot on front page only on the left side of the front page. We are limiting this to 3 spots. (flash, jpg, gif banners all ok)

    Hard coded text link front page: For only $5 (for bold text - $6) a month we will put your text link on the right side of the front page. This option does not include stats as it is hard coded into the template. We are limiting this to 10 text links on that side.

    For stats on the site visit - this ONLY for the last 13 days of traffic for this site. You can verify that by looking at the image. We just moved the site to a faster server as the old server we outgrew.

    So you pay your money and want to know what we are going to do in return? Well we take the money and turn around and advertise the site with it. We do not make anything off of it, we just want a marketing budget of our own. This will benifit you even more as we are going to cause the traffic on the site to go up, giving you more exposure than you are already getting for your money.

    If you have any questions, drop me a email to [email protected] and I will get you setup. Thank you.
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