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    [Hire Me] Need a support staff? Hire me @ Minimum Wage!


    I've been a reseller using Cpanel (Linux) webhosting for a while now. I know how Cpanel works, I can provide support for beginners to regular users of your WebHosting company. I speak in full english phrases.

    I've allowed myself to be hired at minimum wage, on a "per hour" basis.

    I have a decent 50-70 words per minute average and doing a job like this will make my online experiance more enjoyable since I'm on the computer so many hours per day anyways!

    I've run forums and websites in PHP using MySQL.

    I'm presently in Grade 12 in Canada. I'm taking university courses, in preparation for university.

    In the summer, I can usually do 8 hour shifts online, if desired , during the school year, I can do 5 to 6 hour shifts in the evening.

    I'm willing to work for the price of minimum wage, I look forward to hearing from all interested WebHosting owners. I'm confortable with support tickets, msn, you name it!


    Daniel Schnarr

    P.S. MSN Messenger info available on request.

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    You can't receive PMs so you need to post an email address as I would like to make you an offer

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    I am sorry. Here it is.

    teengab A T Gmail . com

    Sub the at for @.
    Take away spaces.

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