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    Hijacked IP address

    I've discovered that another hosting company has registered a nameserver using an IP address that was assigned to me by my provider and ARIN. I'm wondering if anyone has come up against this problem and what you did about it. So far I've contacted Godaddy and they pretty much can't do anything about it despite the fact that the domain was registered to them. I've raised Godaddy a notch in respect for sincerely trying to help though. I've sent an email to the company in question giving them a week to answer which I think is more than reasonable. If I don't hear from them then I'll find a way to launch a formal complaint to ARIN and my provider. So any ideas on how to deal with this or do you think I'm on the right track?

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    how does registering a name server using an ip address assigned to you affect anything? If the IP is assigned to you, and you have access/control over it. Their nameserver can't do squat. Thats like me saying my phone number is your phone number, yet when people call it, its your phone that rings not mine. Listing it in the phone book wont change the fact that your number rings to your phone.

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    But it does affect my WHM as its listing the rogue nameserver. I'm not sure how its finding it but its listed and its interfereing. I think your example is way off. Registering a DNS address with your registrar as a nameserver reserves that IP address and it is checked. If I want to use that IP address for a private nameserver I wont be able to because its being sit on by someone elses nameserver.

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    Can you be a bit more specific with what your issue is? I've read through your post and reply a few times and it's still fuzzy to me. If you provided the IP address and the host name in question it would help!

    That said, if a host name has been registered to resolve to your IP address, but you are not answering for that host name, then the host would be unreachable. That's a lose-lose for whomever registered the host name and should have no bearing on your network.

    In the end, the issue (if I understand it correctly) can only be ultimately rectified by the registrar of the host name or the registrant himself.

    Just my thoughts.

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    I thinkt he problem he's got, is that WHM will automatically detect that that nameserver is registered with his IP address, and list it as one of his nameservers.

    Also when did you get this IP address? It could be that they haven't purposely tried to interfere, but jsut had it before you.

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    Thats possible. If you look at Verisign whois you'll see that is registered on which is an IP address that was assigned to me not too long ago. So I'm pretty sure that these guys probably used to have it. I did notify them but they made it hard to get in touch with their admins as they had only an information email to give out. I haven't heard from them yet.

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    Yes I agree with Specks it is very possible because Verisign has an IP that is the same they have been using.

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