Server Genie is pleased to announce the release of Server Genie Pro Edition 1.0.
SG Pro has all the functionality of our original Server Genie Standard Edition including:
  • Powerful multiple machine search functions
  • Add, edit and update game mods, clients, and more quickly and easily
  • Multi Language support
  • Full featured client interface with File Manager + File Editor via FTP
  • Client control via RCON
  • Add new game mods yourself quickly and easily

and lots more!

For SG Pro we've added:
  • Client Import - if you use another control panel and a MySQL database you can import existing client info to Server Genie Pro.
  • Install/Remove addon mods such as admin_mod, amx, amxmodx, mani, etc to an existing game server.
  • Use our dependancy system for the addon mods to make sure that an addon mod for Half Life 1 is not installed on a Half Life 2 game server.
  • With our addon mod system, add support for game server stats generation using addon mods such as Psychostats.

Not only can you add mods yourself, you can add game engines and game mods yourself too! Check out our site for a list of supported games and come back often as we add more games several times a month.

The list of Server Genie features is just too long for a post. Visit our site and take a test drive of our live demo or download a free 14 day trial.

Server Genie Pro is functional, affordable and feature packed. Buy outright or lease to own. Volume pricing is available.

For a limited time we're offering SG Pro site licensing at 50% off our standard site license pricing! Take advantage of our intro special and get all the functions and features of SG Pro on ALL your game machines for one low price.

Got a question? Drop us a line at [email protected] or visit our site Post a question in our forums, use our live help desk or send us a message by carrier pigeon. Our friendly, professional staff will be glad to help you discover how Server Genie will let you control your game servers your way.