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    Designer needed for barter

    Hey guys!

    I am about to launch an online newsletter creation service, where members can create newsletters, create subscriber lists and subscriber forms, features such as surveys and feedback forms for their newsletters, advanced and deta iled stats, and ability to send them to their subscribers.

    I am looking for a designer(s) to make newsletter templates, in exchange for a free membership for one year (1,000 sends/month). Newsletter templates ar e simple, they usually contain a themed border all around them, with the top being about an inch in height with that same theme.

    I am thinking a certain amount for a free membership. Let me know by PM f you have any questions or if youre interested!

    To see an example of a newsletter template, check out:

    To see what we do offer even further, check out our member's control center at:

    The pages arent coded yet, but you can see the options on the left.

    Send me a PM if interested!

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    PM me if interested.

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