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    Recommendation - companies for linux server monitoring !!

    Hi All,

    Could you recommend me some good companies who offer the linux server monitoring with some of the below tasks:

    Here are some of my important requirement:

    1. When the server is unreachable or not pingable - A ticket needs to
    be opened for the DataCenter

    2. When the server load is too high > 6, needs to look into it or if
    needed can be rebooted

    3. Monitoring againts DOS attack

    4. If the server is getting to much traffic from a particular ip, the
    ip can be blocked

    5. If a user is running a script which is increasing I/O or load
    average or network traffic then the user needs to be blocked.

    Your input will be much appriciated


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    Seems to me that The Planet has those features you are looking for.

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    my servers are not in TP, so that wont work for me.

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    Originally posted by infotq
    my servers are not in TP, so that wont work for me.
    Here then;

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    fastservermanagement is good
    Dirt CHEAP Servers coming soon

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    Here one more,

    Slashome will be a good option for you.(

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    I e-mailed and tried calling multiple time to touch suppot, but no luck, So I lost my confidence from them.

    I checked on and also talked them, they gave me a good feeling about their support, So have now signed-up with them starting with 4 servers. I guess as I go further, I will know what kind of service they provide.

    -Thanks to all who provided the input.

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    Keep us updated about their service, I'm going to be needing a server admin in the future.

  9. #9 is very good one.

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