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    Apache 1.3 Instalation

    hi everyone!

    Does anybody know some 'how to' install apache 1.3 over Fedora Core 3? I'm running apache 2.x, but there's a non fixed bug with file download (memory buffer) so I need to downgrade apahe...any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help!


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    Both Apache 2.x and 1.3.x can live on the same box. If you download 1.3, just extract it and compile it. It will, by default, install into /usr/local/apache. Of course, you will have to stop the Apache2 instance as they both can't use the same port.

    Having said this, if you haven't compile Apache before it is very easy to do until you start to add in modules from other places. For example, do you need SSL? Then you'll have first get OpenSSL, then mod_ssl. If you need PHP, Java, Perl, Front Page, and so on, you'll have to compile these modules too. That is where it gets to be a bit of a pain but it is doable.

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    Instructions on how to compile apache on Linux

    I wrote this instructions in order to compile Apache
    with these options.

    Apache 1.33 + PHP + Mysql + Mod_SSL + Mod_Perl + Other cool Stuff such as IMAP support, GD, Zlib, Curl

    http: //

    I am not a technical writer but I think it should be very straight forwared to understand the whole build process.

    There are other apache build guides on that site in case this one is confusing.

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