I have half-price adverts on a UK dating website. (PM for site)

June 2005
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+ proof on request

Ideal advertisers: other dating sites, adult sites, female targeted sites and other suitable sites. Will consider other sites and prices.

Adverts avaliable:

Banner Advert on top of every member page.
This package is for a banner advert sized 468 x 60 which can be static or animated. It will be displayed on the top of each member page.
Was: 10.00 NOW: 5.00

Sponsored Text Link on every member page.
This package is for a text link with a short description which will be displayed under the sponsored links heading on the navigation menu on every page.
Was: 5.00 NOW: 2.50

Sponsored Forum Link
This package is to sponsor a forum in our message forums. You pick a forum and you link will be displayed under the forum description.
Was: 5.00 NOW: 2.50

Payment via PayPal.

PM me if interested