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    Hosting in Germany for UK-based user

    Good afternoon,

    For various reasons (long story!) I need to find a webhost whose server is in Germany (as opposed to a German firm with a US server) but which supports UK users, particularly having an English-language control panel and support for domains.

    I also need multi-domain support; ie. being able to run both separate sites on separate domains within one account, and being able to point multiple domains to the same site as Site5 does.

    Many thanks in advance,

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    Anyone can support using any domain. It doesn't matter what extension you use, it will work anywhere.
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    I have no doubt that finding a German provider with Germany-based servers that also supports English language control panel would not be easy at all. (Think: is there any UK-based web-hosting provider with UK-based servers that has German-language control panel? I bet there is no such WHP). Maybe or (because they have companies both in Uk&Germany), but I am not quite sure.

    I would suggest you to try to find something for you HERE or posting your request HERE.

    Otherwise, try to find something suitable for you in Swiss or in the Netherlands as well. Or maybe in Denmark, especially at or

    Hope that this will help you to find what you want.

    Good luck.

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    Might be able to see if you can contact and ask for any well known customers that have servers there.. worth a try.

    Edit: they do hosting!
    It's Scott!

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    You have not said about features and pricing but you can check the german services of Verio, Hostway and etc.

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    I'm with 1and1 and it's a freaking nightmare.

    I'm in the UK and their server is in germany, hence google gives my competitors a higher ranking as they are based in the UK where as I'm apparently, miles away in Germany and thus crappy ranking even for paid adverts.

    Anyway, they offer what you want, germany based hosts and to be fair I've had no other problems.

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    Originally posted by StevensOnln1
    Anyone can support using any domain. It doesn't matter what extension you use, it will work anywhere.
    I think so too

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