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    yes, no, maybe?

    goign for unlimmited account to swap from for not allowign me to change my password..

    budget of 50/year

    wanting unmetered bandwidth and space and subdomsin and ftp accounts.

    possibly also ability to alow remote image linking.

    looks nice.. andi can do thigns myself via control panel unlike on streamline wherei have to use support tickets for everything.

    anyone used em?

    (also concidering the budget vps for 8.50/m on but would destroy my budget but playing monthly at 8.50 i can do...)

    oh and BTW i know unlimited things are crap coz unlimmited hdd dosnt exist.. but its a "no worries" thing.. so i dont think "oh **** am i running out of bandwidth"

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    sorry for posting in the wrong forum i did a search and there was a posti n here and i just clicked new post not realising we r in the reseller forum..

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