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    * HostingZoom and JSP support

    I have a reseller account at hostingzoom.
    I think HZ is very very good hosting, but they not support
    for JSP. So, I need to move from HZ. Anyone can suggest me for cool hosting. Linux/CPanel with JSP support on ThePlanet IDC and cost are not over $24.95 USD +-


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    Try using the host quote feature here on WHT first, also take a look at the offers forum and see you come up with
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    Linux/CPanel with JSP support on ThePlanet IDC and cost are not over $24.95 USD +-
    The price alone says virtually nothing without starting your space and data transfer requirements.

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    You're not going to find that kind of account...and I'll tell you why. First, I don't think that kind of account can exist. From what I've seem...Tomcat behaves horribly on any linux-based server. I know of one occasion where the server had 8GB of RAm and guessed...took all it could and crashed it.

    I'm not saying it can't be done. I'm saying you are going to have to up your budget there...if this is something you honestly *must* have...and you're going to have to look for a custom solution.

    It will not have normal Cpanel.... it will have a custom control panel. I am willing to bet it will not running Linux..but some flavor of windows.

    I could be honest...i just don't see the market for it.
    it would take a ungodly amount of time...and right now..I feel that time and effort are better focused on other things..that people constantly ask for and want.

    I would go to goggle and search on something even more specific.
    Do a search for "web host cocoon jsp support" (yes...keep the quotations. If such a solution exists might also find support for related technologies like that....and perhaps jakarta struts as well.


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