Hi All,
I would like to ask whether I should ask a HP to give me some urls to check the sites that HP is hosting ? Why ? because I would like to be sure that the "99.95%" uptime statement is true...

In fact I did. I asked one "looks big" company and another "seems small" company to give me few places to go to check the performance of the sites. After few days I got the URLs to check. They all look great. Tweenty days later I came back and see that the sites of the "looks big" have gone ! Oops. The sites of the "seems small" stay. Cool.
Eh. Why that "looks big" company bothered to set a site just to let me see then delete it ??? No idea. Not logical, at all.
I like the other "seems small" company. Actually I already exchanged some emails with the owner (who is quite well-known in the PHP comunity) and he is great. However his package ($5) is a bit more expensive than the other company ($3) eh, yeah, I'm a hobbyist but actually I believe I'll get what I'll pay for