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    [selling] Dark gaming template

    well here it is, im willing to sell this for a nice offer.

    it comes with:
    - PSD with all the needed fonts
    - coded html (php news script on request, might cost a little more)
    - full rights to the template
    - optional; i can optimize everything to your liking, i.e. banners and headers or the format of the layout.

    either post it here, pm me or contact me on aim/msn.
    aim: skandalouzthps
    msn: [email protected]

    im giving this to the highest bidder, ill keep you up to date on the bids
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    What's the current bid?
    John Heslop

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    current bid is at $40!

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    Who is the bidder? Can they post that they are bidding?

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    i got contacted on aim. i posted this on multiple websites (i.e. yaxay , sitepoint, deviantart and gamerenders)

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    You should have disclosed that, there is no proof of a solid transaction here.

    We will pass.

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    if you want i can ask him to come here and post his offer, but i dont think he feels like posting on 4 different websites. do you want him to contact you on aim or msn?

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    That doesn't make much sense

    When I offer templates I get quite a few PMs and e-mails about them, the people do not always come and post directly on the forum. If you are afraid of the poster diving the bidding up by making fake bids just consider what the highest you would go for the site is and don't go any higher than that. Odds are the poster will not know what that level is and is not going to risk going to high and not ending up with a sale at all. In any event it's a nice looking template and best of luck to you skandalouz.
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    thanks, and yeah i was kinda thinking the same thing.

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    well i cant edit my post for some reason, but im on a holiday tomorrow (the 23thd) and will be back the 31th. you can email me if youre interested.

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