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    Question E-Commerce Hosting - SSL Certificates

    Good news, thanks to the help on this forum I've got my server set up perfectly with DirectAdmin (which is great, by the way).

    I am focusing on hosting my own e-commerce solution for customers, some of which will required SSL certificates.

    Now, my understanding is that every site requiring its own SSL certificate will also require its own IP. That's fine, I'll have to come to some arrangement with the company I'm colocating with.

    But will I be able to set up these sites and also use "virtual hosting" for my other customers who DON'T need SSL (on a shared IP)?

    Does anyone here have experience in this field?

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    You can run normal (port 80) name based virtual hosting on the same IPs as that of a SSL site. They don't conflict.

    The catch is, if a customer has a common name the same as their normal website, they will have to run on the same IP/same machine since they will resolve to the same address.

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    Sure! I've installed several Certs from several different companies...everything has changed these days. In all these cases...these were free temporary certs...but they work exactly the same as the real "paid" ones. I honestly had never installed a cert before...and wanted to learn.

    The two were freessl ( and There are many others. Thawte provided a guide that tells you how really complex it can be...there are many different types for many different things.

    Anyways...It's a fairly straightforward process. Depending on your may or may not need their help. Of course..if you have your own can certainly do everything yourself.

    There are too many guides already out for me to spend a lot of time here. Just go to google and do a search. You may want to include your Cpanel software, if any, on the server...instructions may differ due to that.


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