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    * How much i can get for + whole custom coded site ?

    I'm just wondering how much these would go for?

    Some information: (domain name:
    Created: 23-sep-2003
    Expires: 23-sep-2005

    Whole page is custom coded by me (PHP+MYSQL), it have admin area and user area

    Admin area allows to :

    * Adding new title (cheat or trainer)
    * Edit title
    * Add news
    * Show users
    * upload image (first to do before adding new title )

    Users can post request for cheats or trainers.

    Stats for now:
    Registered users: 173
    Game cheats added: 1009
    Total dowload count: 38451
    Total searches: 12126

    Measuring since … 2 October 2003
    Total number of page views up till now: 496983
    Top Page views at day: 3911

    Country of origin:
    1. United States 116856 23.5 %
    2. France 34856 7.0 %
    3. United Kingdom 32947 6.6 %
    4. Canada 26868 5.4 %
    5. Germany 26800 5.4 %
    6. Poland 25411 5.1 %

    Total uniq per day is about 100-200

    I never advertise this site, it was my first project (wchich someone may tell is lame coded ;P but it works well and secure)
    Some time ago i was added google ads, for now it make 150$ for me.

    Size of this page is about 500mb
    Monthly traffic fits in 10Gb easly

    So what ou think? how much this site whould go for?

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    I think the full site with domain could sell for low XXX to mid XXX

    It looks like it could be a great place to start, Only thing I dont like is the domain name doesnt quite fit the subject... o.O

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