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    Running programs from a remote location?


    I need a paid for solution for the following, I need to be able to configure this myself from a remote location.

    Basically, I need to use a application from a remote location, a totally different country to the one I am in. I need to upload this application from where I am now and then use it from here, so it appears that the application is being used from the computer/server I uploaded it to and not from my locality! The computer the app is installed on needs to be somesort of paid for webserver. I know about "remotely anywhere" etc, but how can I get this working on something other that a home PC?

    Would proxy servers be a possibility, or will then divulge the origional IP? I would prefer the solution stated above though.

    Thanks for any help

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    Depending on proxy server configuration, it may or may not return your actual ip address.

    May i ask what you need to do this for?

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    its for a client that will not connect from my local IP, I would rather have it hosted from somewhere safe as to avoid problems if I accidently use a dodgy proxy IP.

    Is there any way of achiving it without using a proxy or home PC?


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    Dependsing what you are wanting to do... you could just get a windows server and use RDC (Remote Desktop connection)

    Basically its like been logged onto the remote machine locally, excpt you have to wait for windows to start before you use it.

    You can download and install program etc.

    We where testing some chat software that we where writing (me and some friends) and we used a windows server to run the admin/server program from it...

    When ever there was a problem, we just hit up a RDC connection and it was like it was our own desktop.

    RDC is built in to windows 2003 as far as i am aware, and windows XP has the client as part of the standard installation.

    If i remember rightly for 2 concurrent connections to the server over RDC, you dont need to pay for an additional lience.

    If you want to test it, you copuld try it on a local network first to see if it does what you want.
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    thanks for the info awibble, what sort of webhosting package am I going to need to do this?

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    found out myself..


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