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    Windows: Route over wired before wireless

    So my laptop (WinXP Pro, with SP2) has wired and wireless. I use both. When I'm at my desk, I used wired, as it's much faster (wireless is pretty shoddy here right now). But when I'm not at my desk, I have no choice but to use wireless.

    The problem is that if I'm using wired and wireless, Windows will always choose to use wireless. Is there a way to reverse this behavior: go over wired unless I don't have a connection?

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    hm, try this clicky

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    3rdcoast - that MS doc does not address fog's question about setting wired as the preferred method over wireless.

    fog - does your laptop (many do) have an easy on/off button for the wireless (assuming Centrino with wireless builtin, not a pccard)?

    For all my laptops, I just simply press the button and the wireless is turned 'off', then when I go out, I fire up the laptop and press the button again to turn 'on' the wireless. No reconfig of Win network settings is needed.

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