InnoCentric Ventures is starting some new and exciting projects and we need some help! Lets start with the business partner and financer. Someone with business experience and startup experience is needed, and someone who can provide or seek out funding is a plus. You will be working with Greg Hard ([email protected]) and myself on this company, as well as possibly other members. Someone looking for a quick payoff needs to go somewhere else. I'll get to the hosting for logo/web design at the end of this post.

THRIVE Corporation

THRIVE Corporation is a company founded as an umbrella of various other projects and companies, including thrive media. Thrive is dedicated to the advancement of enhancing the human pursuit of knowledge and reduction of ignorance through mass media and other means. Sound noble? Ideas can be noble, but we need someone to help make it happen. Someone who knows how to make an idea reality would be preferred.

We need a design for the thrive site. We're willing to give someone hosting, free, for as long as you need it. Maximum space is 200mb and bandwidth is negotiable. We're not going anywhere soon.

Please include a design portfolio and only experienced designers need apply.

EMAIL: [email protected]

Thanks for your interest.