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    Maybe this is a stupid question, it has not been an issue to consider at all before, but due to recent changes in our set-up it just pop-ed up in my mind....

    Do the physical placements of the nameservers have any importance regarding the dedicated servers ping/response time?

    The real world example would be that we have our domains hosted one place and use that providers nameservers to point to the ips of the dedicated servers which are located elswere (Actually quite far away and in another country).

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    it may have some effects on the first dns lookup a computer needs to find the address of a host, but all subsequent communications to that host no long need dns resolution

    i.e. a user types in in their browser and hits enter, the response time may appear to take little longer than his subsequent connection to that host due to dns lookup

    you may also set TTL longer so that users do not need to make dns lookup very often

    P.S. quality of network usually matters more than physical location of servers for udp traffic

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    Thanks for the info, i really appriciate it....

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    I don't think it'd be a noticable issue for standard services like web servicing personally.
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