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    Question Frauds Win

    Here are some very interesting cases

    Card never used, kept in safe place. Charge is shown on statment. Charge is made online. Found out that the name is wrong, exp date is wrong, only CC number is correct. Went though a big online retail with no problem.

    Card never used, kept in safe place. 3 Charges are shown on statement.
    1 charge one in a physical store can not be located. It is a typed-in transaction.
    2 charge two on an online store with no phone number or email of the contact of the website. It is 100% no way to get hold of anyone on that website. Just a POBox address.

    Credit card company does not research on the charges, does not give more information on how they are done. Keep billing.

    Frauds win.

    I can not find out how a card can be reproduced without a chance to get hold of the card.

    Anyone dealing with online credit card fraud knows how this can be done?

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    I do not know the answer to your question but just a while back I think it was 8 million cc's numbers were comprimised. Could explain why people have the numbers of a card never used...
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    i guess this would call for a chargeback? ..... or maybe id just cancel the account and send em a letter and let them deal with the un-authorized transactions
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    The good news is that you, as a cardholder, are protected against liability on those types of fraudulent transactions.

    The first step is to contact the merchants that transacted the bills and indicate that it was fraudulent and ask them to issue an immediate credit return.

    Failing that, you can contact your card issuer and dispute it via a chargeback to get back your funds - but give the merchant a chance to refund it first to help them avoid a chargeback as they are usually an unsuspecting and innocent merchant who has no idea that fraud was committed.

    In some cases, they also delivered products or services to the fraudster unknowingly as well - thinking the sale was legitimate.

    In terms of your question on how this can happen - it is unfortunately pretty easy to generate lists of possible credit card numbers, fraudsters will do this all the time.

    Then - they will "test" the generated card numbers on various Web sites, especially those who do not scrub transactions with any forms of fraud defense like AVS, CVV, phone verification and once they get a sale to go through, they know that they have a "real" card.

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