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Thread: CSS issue in IE

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    Question CSS issue in IE

    I am having a bit of trouble with CSS in IE, there is no issue in FireFox.

    The problem is with a drop down menu I am using.

    The background image for each item in the drop down menu does not appear when the website is loaded, when I mouseover the menu items the background image appear.

    The menu works perfectly fine in firefox, I do not have to mouseover in order for the background images to appear.

    I hope I was able to explain the issue properly. Please PM me if you think you can help me out with this issue.

    Thank you

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    Still need help with this issue, if someone possibly can help me out please PM me.

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    Hi, I think I can help you.. but I can't send you PM for some reason: "You do not have permission to access this page."

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