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    NameCheap Support Help?

    Trying to get support to help me at namecheap, having no luck. I found this forum via google and seen there appears to be a rep from namecheap on here, so I thought I would post here and hopefully they will see it.

    Anyway, I tried to login at namecheap last week and it gave me the message that my account access had been blocked due to excessive failed login attempts.

    So I emailed support and asked what the problem was, and they said my account was suspected of fraud, and that I needed to leave them a number to call to clear things up.

    So I emailed them my phone number. Trouble is I'm not home a lot so I am hoping they might leave a message if I don't happen to answer.

    They haven't called me yet anyway, (i have call display). I found a phone number for namecheap on this forum and called it, unfortunately it is just an answering machine. So I left a message there asking them to call me, but still nothing.

    Would be nice if I could just call them and talk directly to a person instead of trying to play phone tag.

    Can anyone help me here? If the rep from namecheap sees this, is there a phone number I can reach a live person at?


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    In order to unlock an account that has been closed for fraud, someone from our fraud department needs to call you and actually speak to you at your home number. You cannot call in to confirm this.

    I know our fraud team makes these calls everyday so if you were not home you probably missed our calls. They would probably be seen as "out of area" on your caller ID.

    Try emailing [email protected] and request a specific time for a callback and he will try and get back to you within that time frame.

    If you don't hear back for some reason please let me know.
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    Great, thanks for the quick reply. I will email him and will try to set up a time for a call.

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    I had the exact same happen to me. Frustrating you bet, but it's good to know NameCheap is watching out for our digital assets. There seems to be a 'wave' of fraud happening lately . . . must be the weather.

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