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    Question Registerfly Promo Codes

    I received a email from registerfly with a bunch of promo codes on the 13th, for 5.50 transfers, 5.50 .net registrations, etc.

    I'm wondering if someone who has been a member of RF for a long time can tell me how often they send these codes out? Every month?

    I'm especially interested in how often they offer the 5.50 .net promo (it already expired) as I am interested in registering some .net domains.


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    I've been a member of RF for two years, and they send out promos atleast once a month. Occasionally the promos are better than others, though.

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    Not a bad idea to checkout before you register any domain at RF to see if they have a promotion going.
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    theflypaper is the email I got.

    I think I will wait to see when the 5.99 .net happens again

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