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    Flash Tutorials! SAVE BIG BUCKS! Starting at $8 PER SET!

    I wanted to let everyone know that has done it again!

    We have released a brand NEW set of tutorials for you! These tutorials will allow you to add some 'jazz' to your client help desk and also set you apart from other tutorials that are available.

    The new series consists of:
    --> cPanel
    --> WHM
    --> DNS Changes
    --> Fantastico

    See them all right here!
    Add background music to any set of tutorials for only $5 per set! offers HUNDREDS of tutorials!
    Just a few of the tutorial sets offered are:

    * cPanel X Skin
    * Email
    * CuteFTP
    * WS_FTP
    * Direct Admin
    * ENSIM
    * cPanel XP 2004
    * RVSkin

    PLUS MORE! Just about anything you need for tutorials we have!
    Click here to see more of the tutorials offered!

    If you spend $45 or more, you can have your banner added to our rotation for FREE! Your banner will be displayed on as well as, and a text link on for 30 days. This offer is for the TOP banner rotation (468 x 60 banner) OR the SIDE banner rotation (125 x 125 banner).

    If you have any questions please click here.

    Thank you!!

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    I recommend to order a set with Puenil! We use CheapDemos for our tutorials and I couldn't ask for more, especially with those new *cool* style sets.

    - Tomer
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    Puenil, you might wanna encrypt your source code. Those demos are literally up for grabs. Anyone could download the swf movie and cut out the first few frames which say "your logo here". You can find a free source code encryptor at

    But theres also a decryptor... heres what I'd suggest

    Use a simple javascript to load the flash file, then change the javascript file's permissions so that nobody can view its source

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    I have thought about that before. However, the big question is what type of host is someone hosting with that would actually STEAL something, especially such a cheap item.

    Also, if that have that much time to undertake such a task, they probably don't have much going on in their life which would mean they don't have any hosting customers to actually give support to.

    A full set of cPanel is only $20.... come on....

    I wouldn't suspect that a host of that caliber would be in business long enough to have any customers to even VIEW the tutorials.

    Thank you for pointing that out though.

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