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    stop using your domain name to spam

    i found that some org has been using my domain name to spam.

    how can i stop them from phishing and using it to spam other servers?

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    Are you talking about spoofing? If so, I don't think there is really anything you can do about it unfortunately. There will always be methods of spoofing e-mail addresses.

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    Look into generating an SPF record for your domain

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    anyone else has a better idea?

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    Does your SMTP server require authentication?
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    Do you mean they have been using your email addres, or they have been using your server?

    If they have been using your server, get your admin to put authentication onto SMTP... We have ours setup so that you need authenticating unless you are on our dedicated office IP's or on one of our server IP's.

    If they are using your email address, i.e. spoofing... you could try contacting their host who may or may not do something. Also you could setup a SPF record.
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    It doesn't look like is a domain that would attract a lot of people as the text covering a phishing site. Do you mean it is a domain the spammers forge into the headers? Maybe one solution is to put up a page stating that spammers have been doing that. Then post instructions on how to take the DNS numbers and find the ISP using tools like
    With any luck, one or more of the spam recipients will become a source of punishment against the spammer who made the mistake of forging your domain.

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