Blitz Out
Need quality web hosting from a company that doesn't oversell? Well, go with us! We offer a great amount of webspace and a little more than 10x the webspace for bandwidth. Check out our web hosting plans here:

All web hosting packages include:
- cPanel
- Fantastico
- Unlimited FTP Accounts
- Unlimited E-mail Accounts
- Unlimited Subdomains
- Unlimited Addon/Parked Domains
- Unlimited MySQL Databases

Our site is still under construction but we're fixing up a few things.

Need a reseller? No problem. Contact me if you want a reseller:
AIM: mrcheeky03
MSN: mrcheeky[at]

We don't have a TOS up at the moment, but we do not need one for now. We just have the obvious rules such as legal adult content only, no warez, piracy, etc.

We don't mind if you buy hosting just to use as storage, go nuts!

Visit us at /

Yes, we are a NEW web hosting company but give us a chance. Why? We're dedicated to this. Hundreds of hosting companies go into the business not knowing what they are doing. When shopping for web hosting, price should not be your biggest concern. I know, there are tons of web hosts with cheaper prices but in some cases, they will have cheaper service.

Make the right decision, make the blitz decision.

- Gurinder Singh, Blitz Out Administrator