1L.com is one of the flagships of SimpliQ, the new brand and image of Power Software, formed by the merger of several media and technology companies.

1L.com is dedicated to provide the client a service that has been fee-based for so long: Professional Hosting. No more monthly fees, no more contracts or payment schedules. This is all in the past. 1L.com is entirely supported by advertising and additional services. With no strings or commitments attached, 1L.com is offering you the exact same services and even more for which not long ago you used to pay more that you could afford or more than what you thought it was worth.

1L.com is offering you 24/7 professional support, by email, live chat and phone, backed by a team of 15 technicians, available for your every related issue. Of course, space and bandwidth are limited, but we're offering more than a generous package. We never oversold and never will. We're sure that what we're offering is more than enough for your needs.