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    Password changeing on account provider wont let me.. what can i do?

    Hello, i have an account with and it has been great.. cheap unlimmited hosting 66 for two years + UK domain name.

    Recently thou i asked them to change the password on a subdomain of mine for security reasons..

    They replyed saying they cant change passwords on subdomains.

    I remember when i first got hosting they did this on one of my other subdomains without problem..

    so i reoped that ticket and i said.. can you do as you did before (below) and change the password on the following subdomain to "" due to security reasons.

    they replyed with,


    not personally if someoen gets my password im f00ked right?

    isnt there somethign with makes them have to give me the option to change passwords?

    what should i do? expecially when i think someone may know the pasword to it and i cant change it. thus making my lieable for unauthorised uploads which may be a breach of terms and conditions..

    thanks for your help.

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    I suggest going to a provider who costs more per year and gives better service. For 66/2 Year Inc they are wanting to do as little support as possible so they make money.
    -- Matthew

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    and i agree they shold not do support much.. but when it comes to password changing.. this is a major thing.. pluss i only have a budget of 50/y for an unlimmited host (so i have no worries like)

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    It is majour but to them it might not be majour. I believe it's just the service you get for that kind of price... especially when the word unlimited is included.
    -- Matthew

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    so changing is my only option? cant i somehow get em to alow me to change it.. because i realy dont want the hassle of changing.. pluss i get about 50 important emails a day and i dont want to not recieve important billin emils from cirtain thigns im buyign and such by switchign and it taking several days..

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    'Unlimited' hosting for any price is quite impossible. I would recommend switching to a more reliable host.

    I doubt they would be willing to provide you any support with those costs.

    About switching, during the process all the emails will go to your old host until your domain has resolved to the new namservers provided by the new host. It will not take several days.

    Switching to a new host is better then someone hacking your account because they know your password.

    Best of luck

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    ok any surgestions with in my budget?

    Unlimited bandwidth

    Unlimited upload.

    (not actually unlimmited but u know lots so that i dont have to worry).

    lots of subdomains.

    someone who who let me change passwordon subdomains also.


    prefrable within the UK.

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