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    New Company: Square Box Media Studios UK, Looking to build team of staff


    I have a number of opportunities which may be of interest. First of all I will quote you a bit about Square Box Media:

    Square Box Media is the future of website and graphic design. We offer high quality Graphic and Website design solutions.

    Square Box uses the latest technology, software, tools and skills to produce amazing results; just look at our portfolio.

    Square Box Media designers think outside the box to produce unique designs tailored to perfection and to your needs.

    If you have any questions about our design techniques or would like a quote contact us via the contact page or alternatively use the online forum.
    I am looking for:

    - Designers
    If you have experience of HTML and CSS then we have a job that could suit you.
    Will be paid per designed website sale.

    If you are fluent in MySQL/PHP we may have a job that could interest you.
    Will be payed per feature set up for customer.

    -Marketing and Advertising
    If you know how to promote a business we definately have a job for you with us.
    Will be paid per month if sales increase at all or unless otherwise is agreed.

    If you can fulfil any of these positions please PM me. In some areas, there are more than one job available.

    You will not acutally be required to come to the office, you will work from home; set up with our online office program that gives us all the communication technology we need to run the business.

    If you have any questions please ask them, don't be afraid. If you think I have missed some essential information off this post please do let me know.

    If you would like to visit the website:


    Toby Cope,
    Square Box Media, Founder

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    You can also email me an application: toby.cope[@]

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    Closing date for applications: 25th July 2005 9pm

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