I've got the following website up for sale:

Hydra Cave Discussion Forums

It comes with:

* Forum Design, as it is currently, along with the PSD of the design
* Database, as-is, with all the posts, members, etc.. included
* Unique Theme, the first ever set of forums I know of themed around ancient mythology.
* Huge chance to expand with some good advertising.
* 1 moderator + me (If needed I'd be willing to continue as a moderator for a certain amount of time and also post)
* Money making potential, already makes a small amount off of google adsense. (A click or 2-3 every few days)
* Traffic to the domain.
* 2 domain names, www.hydracave.com and www.hydracave.net

You can see the statistics attached:

In the beginning it was getting around 100 visitors per day, this is easily re-reachable. For example running contests, link advertising etc work well.

The VB license I'm afraid cannot be included due to the 3 month rule.

Bids Start at $320

BIN: $600


(note: previous sale appears to have fallen through.)