Howdy Folks,

I just setup the ATI AIW X800 XT on one of my workstations, and when I use my TV tuner, I noticed that there was significant channel surfing lag.

It takes 1 second for the video, another second for the audio, then 2 seconds later, the audio flickers in and out. So in reality it takes 3-4 seconds to flip through each channel which becomes a severe annoyance. Reports currently state that the problem is attributed to the fact that the new AIW cards run the audio through the AGP bus instead of externally being connected to the soundcard's line in port. Unfortunately, even though I made the cable connections, there is no option to reroute the sound. Is there an alternate set of drivers or driver configuration to do this? ( breifly mentions that it is possible, but is not very detailed with instructions). Ideally, I'd like to restore the lighting fast channel changes that have been in my previous generations of ATI Tuners.

Does anybody have the X800 with the same problems? Any advice on how I might aproach this?