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    Credit when credit is due!

    Acdirect takes our hats off to for the fantastic job they have done with support on our account. Recently I posted this thread to see what others thought about how a ticket was handled. I learned I was not being fair.

    Today we had a pretty big issue that put our shopping cart offline. To make a long story short, LiquidWeb was great! I thank everyone who posted previously in the other thread. Because of your answers I figured I was wrong and we stayed on with Liquidweb. It was a good decision. Besides that, we are never down!

    I feel it's only right to give credit where it's due since I was fast to jump in and point out when I thought they were wrong.

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    very nice. good work liquidweb
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    Kudos LW and acdirect. I agree that people tend to post the bad but its nice to see you posting the other side of things.
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    It's always nice to see people posting the good side of things. Well done to both of you

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    Looking at your previous thread you seemed to be under the impression generating a html page from a php page wasn't programming, when in fact if you are trying to create a new html file from dynamic output such as php it would be. Mod_rewrite would only make the page appear as a .html or .htm page in the browser's URL which is a fairly easy job with .htaccess depending on the URL's you need.

    A few years back with a lot of smaller web hosting companies that also did design you might have had a different response. Today with larger hosting companies it's not likely, but I do think we're better off overall concentrating on our core business.

    In any case, glad you got it sorted, and Liquidweb is a great shared host I often refer folks to, you'll be glad you stuck it out.

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