I'm currently a reseller over at DIYHosting. Due to some recent issues I'm going to be pulling up and moving along. My main problem is one of my clients runs a dynamic site that is rather large in scope. It relies heavily on the permissions of it's file structure.

My question is how do I move such a site when I only have FTP access to the file structure - How do I retain the permissions without SSH access? I've tried asking DIY for SSH access so that I might tarball up the structure but am having no such luck.

5 SQL databases, many files all functioning only with proper set permissions.

What do I do to keep this client happy during their move? I'm a little stumped here. Does anyone know of an FTP program that will mirror unix permissions with a send? Even if possible, I find that most webhosts won't allow an FXP transfer so I have to move everything to my local drive initially - and being windows it won't keep any permissions in tact.

Would really appreciate a hand with this - And also, and H-Sphere hosts looking for clients, let me know I'm in the market.

Ryan Alexander