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    The DPS at Five dollars Per Set?

    A few months back we introduced our Demo Production System and now we are happpy to announce the expansion of it to ALL hosts.

    Due to refinements made to the system it is no longer necessary to pre-purcahse training in bulk. This represents a significant step forward for us in the drive to make needed training resources available to all hosts - even reseller hosts on a tight budget.

    The DPS (as we call it) is an automated system of ordering, customizing and delivering flash based training and is a system designed for reseller hosts, VPS providers, Dedicated Server providers and /or data centers.

    So essentially during our introduction period no matter what provider you use for your hosting company you can now get CPanel, Email, Fantastico and FTP training (over 30 individual help desk related videos) for $19.95 or less .

    All that is required is that your provider actually have more than 4 customers (our minimum definition of actually being a provider) and that they choose to participate in our program- which means only that they contact us and request participation.

    All participating providers are furnished a simple discount code for their customers at our new store new store (pardon our ongoing construction) and will be given access to the DPS to upload their custom logos and receive all training.

    For a limited time all orders will also include our new integrated Training Center . So if you wish to give your help desk and those who use it a break be sure to visit our store store and use the discount code for your service provider. If you service provider is not a participant they can contact us at [email protected]

    Remember - no matter what support desk you are using in the end if your customers aren't trained its you and your staff that will always have to field their questions.

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    Just an update.

    We are asking that providers getting in touch with us do so from their own hosting site. It doesn't help us to verify that you are a provider if you contact us through an anonymous email account.


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