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    [Hire me] Looking for work in web hosting


    I am currently looking for a Technical Position; I would prefer an area in management. However, I am perfectly fine with working up the ladder so to speak. I have 5 years experience in Web Hosting, and Web Development.

    My Capabilities
    Below I have provided several of my capabilities, but not limited to.

    Technical Support

    I have 5 years experience with Web Hosting. I am comfortable with providing Live Support, Helpdesk, Email to your clients, in a professional manner. Below I have listed a few of my Technical Skills

    - PHP, CGI, and PERL Trouble Shooting
    - Knowledge in Command Prompts
    - Extensive knowledge in Cpanel/Whm
    - MYSQL Servers Trouble Shooting
    - E-mail Servers Trouble Shooting
    - DNS Servers Trouble Shooting
    - Database Servers Trouble Shooting
    - Extensive knowledge in CSS, HTML, Java, and JavaScript

    Personal Sales
    I am willing to work as a Sales Representative via Live Chat, Helpdesk, and Email. I feel comfortable selling Hosting, and Design Solutions. I also feel like I will be effective in doing so.

    Web Development
    I am able to create full custom web sites that are effective and geared toward your target market. I am able to keep, and maintain a web site, and integrate into many billing systems. I have several examples of my design work available upon request some of my latest work can be viewed at the following:

    I am able to create marketing strategies and promotions geared toward most all target markets. I am able to do extensive case studies, and I have quite a bit of experience with return rates for each marketing strategies. I am able to create effective strategies and promotions from small to large budgets. I am also to create banner ad promotions; several examples of the banners I have made are as follows:

    I am dependable, and a fast pace worker. I am able to complete schedules, and maintain a reputable web hosting company. I am very diverse, and eager in my skills. I am very professional, and prompt with all of my Sales, and Technical Support answers. I have confidence that I will be a great addition to your company.

    I am able to work during the hours of 12:00 P.M CST - 12:00 A:M Cst. I am also able to get started at your personal desire. Pay is negotiable with work load.

    Contact Methods
    Please feel free to contact me at the following:
    Msn: [email protected]
    Aim: TheInvention03
    Email: [email protected]
    Or feel free to private message me.

    Thank you for your interest

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    just a tip, buy a domain and use your domain its email addres. doesn't look professional and the only customers you probably will get aren't the companies you 'want' i think

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    Just to chime in,

    TheInvention has been a great asset to me on a few jobs.
    The level of expertise and quality of work he puts forth and professionalism has inturn made me a repeat customer.
    I have left him a praise in a previous thread of his looking for work that can be found in a search here. It's been a pleasure working with him and will continue to be as I further need his assistance.


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